Conflict Continues Over Proposed Horse Tax in UK

On November 2nd, we reported that the UK Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) was considering a tax on horse ownership of up to 100 British pounds.  Click here for our original post, and my take on a horse tax.  The tax results from the proposed creation of a new body to monitor animal health and deal with disease outbreaks and other major animal issues.  Supporters of the tax feel that recovery from horse disease outbreaks and other problems should be funded by the horse industry alone.  Opponents point out that the money spent on horses by individuals has already been taxed once by the income tax.  A website has been created to petition and lobby government officials against the tax.  This article is a good summary of the opposition, but points out that only 5,000 horse owners have signed the petition against the horse tax so far.  The horse tax is back in the news today after the UK National Equine Database, which tracks horse ownership, has received harsh criticism for being a ‘big brother’ organization that will help the government institute the horse tax.  Go eventing.
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