Contest: Make Your Own Stirrups Presented by World Equestrian Brands

You could win a pair of Amerigo's new stirrups!

Amerigo has just introduced a new model of stirrups, and we’re giving away a pair here on EN courtesy of our fabulous sponsor World Equestrian Brands. The stirrups, made from aluminum, feature a self-cleaning tread and an excellent grip for all types of boots. The 30-degree inclination of the hole through which the stirrup leathers are threaded allows the stirrups to remain in the correct position at all times, and the wide tread enhances lower leg stability.

These fabulous Amerigo stirrups retail at $285. And the stirrups are available in three fun colors: black, gold and silver. So how do you win a pair? Make your own stirrup irons and send in a photo to [email protected] by Monday, Nov. 25. The more creative the better! We’ll post our favorite photos in a poll and let you all vote for the winner. Good luck!

Contest FAQ:

Q: Do we need to draw stirrups or actually make some? A: You actually need to make stirrups, preferably out of the most creative and ridiculous materials you can find. Good luck!


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