Contest Poll: Smooch Your Horse Presented by Hamilton BioVet

Pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. Pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We received so many cute photos of you kissing your ponies for our Smooch Your Horse Contest Presented by Hamilton BioVet. But only one EN reader can win the $50 Hamilton BioVet gift card. We need your help! Check out our favorite 10 smooch photos below and vote in the poll at the bottom of the post. The EN reader with the most votes when the poll closes at 10 p.m. EST tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 19, will win the gift card! Go vote, and go check out all the amazing products in the STAYONS Instant Poultice line on Hamilton BioVet’s website.

1. Cynthia Bales

Cynthia Bayles

“This is me kissing my horse Alouette. Photo taken by Tais Kulish.”

2. Claire Parker

Claire Parker

“This is Hope Cove aka Henry.”

3. Jeanne Wallace

Jeanne Wallace

“I had to submit this photo taken of my trainer Chelsey and horse Wally because it’s cute and they are both winners to me!”

4. Allie Sacksen

Allie Sacksen

“This picture is from my wedding day back in May 2013. Neo got the true first kiss ;)”

5. Tess Lesesne

Tess Lesesne

“Good luck kisses before cross country at VAHT!”

6. Jeanne Shearer

Jeanne Shearer

7. Brooke Petkovsek

Brooke Petkovsek

“When I kiss my horse, he kisses back.”

8. Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart

“This is a picture of me and my 4-month-old colt, the love of my life! This picture is one of the rare moments that he isn’t galloping around the pasture.”

9. Shawneen Stephens

Shawneen Stephens

“Sophie and Seirian!”

10. Lindsey Burns

Lindsey Burns

“The femme fatale meets a dashing young Frenchman on a rainy day in Paris, and of course there were pictures.”


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