Correcting Young Horse Habits with Evention TV

Anyone who’s scored a new project or young horse to work with this winter will likely be able to relate to this oldie but goodie from our friends at Evention TV. Perhaps you’ve even got a horse who has been allowed to get away with some naughty behavior in the past, and you’re working to fix these issues now.

Whatever your situation, Evention TV addresses three common habits found in young (or not properly schooled)  horses and how to fix them. Do you have a horse who resists the bridle by putting his head up when you go to put it on? How about one who feels that standing at the mounting block is beneath him? Or a horse who pulls back and runs off when you go to turn them out?

Never fear, there are some simple steps to try for each of these issues that will help eliminate these bad habits and also help you create a better bond of respect with your horse. We’ll be brushing up on our education this winter, and we’re very happy to have a whole archive of Evention TV videos to help us along!


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