Course Walk on the Wild Side at Stoneleigh-Burnham

Photo by Jannah Matzan.

Last weekend the Whele Farm eventers descended upon the Stoneleigh-Burnham horse trials, and the cross country course didn’t know what hit it. Amy Smith, Lily Frechette, Jannah Matzan and fearless leader Carrie Whele produced what now is in the running as one of the best course walks of all time.

 From Amy, “At Wehle Farms, we take fun very seriously. While we put the welfare and safety of our horses first, remembering to have fun and enjoy ourselves is probably a close second. This last weekend, Wehle Farms traveled to Greenfield, MA to participate in the fabulous Stoneleigh-Burnham School Horse Trials. While using the MyCourseWalk app as we walked the cross country for the Novice division, we called upon Rule # 2 (Have Fun) to record the track,”
EN, prepare yourself for this fantastic display and don’t forget Rule #2:
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