Crackerjack Euthanized at Les Etoiles de Pau CCI4*

Boyd Martin and Crackerjack at the last water complex, fence 26, on course at Pau. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

We are devastated to report that Boyd Martin’s mount Crackerjack has been euthanized after sustaining multiple fractures to his right front pastern on cross country at Les Etoiles de Pau CCI4*. The incident occurred in the main arena just before fence 31AB, the final combination on Pierre Michelet’s course.

“I felt like it was one of our best ever trips together,” Boyd said in a statement. “We were jumping clear and took all the direct routes, and coming into the final stretch in the arena, he had plenty left in the tank. He felt fresh and his ears were pricked, and I was thrilled with the way he was going.

“Just as we went into the arena he took a horrible step, almost on false ground. I heard a crack and instantly knew something was wrong. I pulled up and leapt off within a couple of strides. I knew Crackers was in bad shape.”

Crackerjack was attended to immediately by Pau’s on-site medical team and transported to the equine hospital located next to the venue. X-rays confirmed multiple fractures in his  pastern.

“His owner/breeder Lucy Boynton and myself, with the advice of several veterinarians, decided it was the only humane choice to euthanize Crackerjack,” Boyd said.

“Crackerjack had a wonderful story. He was bred by Lucy and campaigned up to Prelim by her son Colin. Unfortunately, Colin passed away and Crackers was sent to me to sell. Lucky for me Lucy decided to kick on with the horse, and what a ride it’s been. Crackers has taken me all over the world and given Lucy some wonderful memories. I can’t tell everyone how sorry I am.”

A 14-year-old Thoroughbred-cross gelding by Aberjack, Crackerjack was affectionately known as “Crackers.” He had a storied career with Boyd, completing Kentucky twice and finishing seventh this year, and finishing 10th at Luhmühlen in 2016. They also had top-10 finishes at Fair Hill, Plantation Field, The Fork and Jersey Fresh.

We are heartbroken, and the EN team extends our deepest condolences to Lucy, Boyd and all who knew and loved Crackers. He was an incredibly special horse to the eventing family, and we deeply mourn his loss.

[Statement on Crackerjack]