Cross Country Safety Conference to be Held in Ireland

The first independent International Cross Country Safety Conference will be held at Tattersalls in Ireland on February 25, 2016, and is open to anyone interested in riding cross country — from the Pony Clubber to the upper-level event rider to hunter trials enthusiasts.

Organizer David Morton has invited an impressive panel of riders, course designers and builders, event officials and product representatives to lead discussion sessions and give demonstrations, including course designers Mike Etherington-Smith and Capt. Mark Phillips, among others.

“It is important that the day is supported by as many experts and delegates as possible from around the world as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland,” David explains in the above video. “Safety of horse and rider is our core objective of this conference.”

Andrew Nicholson, who is recovering from a neck injury suffered in a cross country fall this past August, is also speaking at the conference. “Safety is in all our interests,” Andrew said. “We should all take responsibility.”

The purpose of the conference is to “inform, discuss and contribute to the ongoing success of cross country courses while increasing awareness of best safety practices that should be adopted.” Discussions will include the use of frangible pins and other emerging safety technologies, developing a global cross country safety standard, Q&A sessions with guest speakers and more.

This important conference will only take place if the necessary funding is obtained. The conference has until Monday, November 16 to reach its goal of €25,000 to cover costs. As a not for profit event, any residual monies will go towards developments in safety research.

Click here to support the first Independent International Cross Country Safety Conference. We will let you know how you can plan to attend the conference yourself when the funding goal is reached.