Do You Know What Complete Feeds & Ration Balancers Offer? Brought to You by Banixx

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Feed sticking together? (Molasses helps feed stick together.)

Is beet pulp listed as the first ingredient, or one of the first few? (Beet pulp can be purchased as a separate feed item.)

Are you questioning your horse’s diet?

Getting overwhelmed when you go to the feed store and think about making a change?

You hear about ration balancers and complete feeds, but what do those terms/labels mean?

Perhaps we can help sort it out?!

Is your horse an easy keeper or has a metabolic issue and you want to ensure he gets proper nutrients without all the extra calories?

  • Ration Balancer – Provides nutrient (vitamins, minerals and amino acids). A rather small quantity of ration balancer is a typical fed in a meal; it has more ‘power’ in the pound than a ‘regular’ feed. This is not meant to provide the roughage a horse needs in his diet. The cost of the bag may be ‘higher,’ but the contents ‘go farther.’

Is hay in short supply and you want to increase the roughage/fiber in your horse’s diet?

  • Complete Feed – Provides nutrients AND forage in one. Along with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids, contains high fiber products such as beet pulp, and hulls (soybean, oat, almond, rice). A larger quantity of a complete feed is a typical portion, as it is meant to provide/replace some of the forage that a horse’s diet needs (i.e. less hay/rough required to be feed in addition to the complete feed). Cost per bag may be a bit less.

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