#DogsOfEN: Barn Life Is Ruff

Barn dogs work hard and play hard, and by extension they must nap hard. We are loving these pics of knackered pups.

So what exactly is it that they’re doing out there that has them so exhausted? Well, lots of very important stuff, thank you very much. A few examples …

He's a mini cheetah #rossthepup #fastasthewind #dogsofen

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✨Supervising the day✨ #weldon #barndog #barnsupervisor #dogsofinstagram #dogsofen

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I spy with my little eye… a little barn dog in the making 💗

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Where there are horse people, there are dogs — and we love showing them off! Here’s your latest batch of canine Instagram pics, plus a few other assorted friendly barnyard creatures because we’re equal opportunity like that.

Be sure to tag your ‘Grams with #DogsOfEN for inclusion in a future edition!

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