#DogsOfEN: Barn Life Is Ruff

Where there are horse people, there are dogs — and we love showing them off! Here’s your latest batch of canine Instagram pics, plus a few other assorted friendly barnyard creatures because we’re equal opportunity like that.

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I seem to be making a habit of ending up with dog proof horses XD #eventerproblems #ISH #funnyanimals

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Cross-country walks are the best. #dogsofen #eventing #jrt

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Truck salesman laughed when I said a bench seat was non-negotiable. 'I know,' he said. 'You farm girls and your dogs.'

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Snow bunny #adogslife #dogsofEN

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Horse shows are exhausting! #ineedanap #dogsofen #piginablanket #bassethoundsofinstagram

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2 of my favorites ❤️ #ottb #jrt #dogsofEN

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When your dad's dog, Foxy, has mad cross country skills! #foxythedog #wishmydogwasahorse #nofear #dogsofen

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can you spot the #dogsofen on the way to his first horseshow #sportingdaysfarm and yes my dressage saddle is falling #eventerproblems

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Ruby thinks deep cleaning tack is exhausting. #eventerproblems #dogsofen

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When your horse and your dog like to share the beet pulp and everyone ends up with slop on their face #eventerproblems

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And … a bonus cat and a pig for good measure:

Go Eventing.