Donations Still Coming in for Millie Humphreys’ College Fund

Philippa and Millie Humphreys. Photo courtesy of Pete Humphreys.

Philippa and Millie Humphreys. Photo courtesy of Pete Humphreys.

It has been nearly eight months since Philippa Humphreys died on May 14, 2016, at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event, and donations are still coming in for the college fund created in support of Millie, her 1-year-old daughter.

More than 700 donors have raised $105,734 to date for Millie’s fund, which is now less than $20,000 away from reaching the total goal amount of $125,000.

An anonymous donation was made two weeks ago that really touched the EN team: “My eventing daughter asked that money be given to Millie’s fund in lieu of gifts for her 14th birthday this year.”

It’s that spirit from the eventing community that saw EN name Philippa’s friends some of the eventers who inspired us most in 2016.

Here are some other anonymous comments written to Millie:

“Dear Millie, your mother had a passion and she was amongst the fortunate few who translated that passion into a successful career and business. I hope you will have a passion and that this fund will help you follow that passion into a rewarding and successful future.”

“Millie, your mum was an amazing woman who showed us all how to live life. Please know how much we all think of you and your family. The love and admiration she showed for you was so obvious and incredible to watch. I’ll never forget her jumping off her horse and seeing you; the smile she had when she saw you, nothing else mattered.”

You don’t have to give a lot to make a big impact. As we start this new year, let’s remember to pay it forward and support one another in the #EventingFamily.

If you’d like to make a donation to Millie’s college fund, please click here.