Dressage Powerhouses of Tokyo: Session Two

It might be overnight for those of us in America, but it’s mid-day in Japan and morning over in Europe, so we’re rolling out content 24/7. There is 100% chance that I wrote this prior to Session One, so if you want to know what happened yesterday today earlier, then I suggest you head over to our recap. Otherwise, you know the drill, graphs below, and check out the Team Form Guide and Individual Form Guide compiled by Tilly Berendt if you’re having a minute to have your morning coffee and/or can’t sleep in the middle of the night.

Weerapat Pitakanonda & Carnival March (THA)

Predicted Score: 36.9

Laura Collett & London 52 (GBR)

Predicted Score: 21.8

Phillip Dutton & Z (USA)

Predicted Score: 28.2

Melody Johner & Toubleu de Rueire (SUI)

Predicted Score: 35.6

Toshiyuki Tanaka & Talma d’Allou (JPN)

Predicted Score: 33.7

Kevin McNab & Don Quidam (AUS)

Predicted Score: 27.6

Huadong Sun & Lady Chin V’T Moerven Z (CHN)

Predicted Score: 32.9

Malgorzata Cybulska & Chenaro 2 (POL)

Predicted Score: 32.2

Lousie Romeike & Cato 60 (SWE)

Predicted Score: 28.8

Nicolas Touzaint & Absolut Gold (FRA)

Predicted Score: 31.2

Susanna Bordone & Imperial van de Holtakker (ITA)

Predicted Score: 34.2

Austin O’Connor & Colorado Blue (IRL)

Predicted Score: 33.1

Jesse Campbell & Diachello (NZL)

Predicted Score: 30.9

Sandra Auffarth & Viamant du Matz (GER)

Predicted Score: 30.9

Rafael Mamprin Losano & Fuiloda G (BRA)

Predicted Score: 33.7

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