DressageQueen_of_Memes Is Single-Handedly Keeping My Soul Alive During Quarantine

I’ll take a little humor where I can get it these days, and my #1 go-to-source for a ROTFL is DressageQueen_Of_Memes Instagram account. Unlike 90% of DQs I can think of, this internet goddess, whomever she may be, is a first-class riot, often at the expense of her sandbox-dwelling brethren. Many thanks to my buddy Lisa for the introduction. I’m pulling a few of my faves here, but just go straight to her IG account for a deep dive into this beautiful abyss.

Her quarantine posts have been on-point:

And then there are there’s all the rest:

Thank you for your service DressageQueen_Of_Memes. You’re not the hero we deserve, but you you’re the one we need rn.

Go Eventing.