Dutta Corp Fair Hill International CCI2* Live Cross Country Updates

Photo courtesy of Alissa Norman/Fair Hill Photo courtesy of Alissa Norman/Fair Hill

Good morning from the Dutta Corp Fair Hill International! It’s a beautiful, brisk day here in Elkton, Maryland, and CCI2* cross country starts at 9:30 a.m. EST. There is no live stream or radio feed, but I will be running live updates on this page to keep you up-to-date with all the action. Click here for the order of go.

Keep refreshing for updates, and please note that the hardworking tech team here at Fair Hill informed me that there is only one cell tower serving the entire venue, so updates might be a little slow to come. I will do my very best to keep you up-t0-date, and let’s cross our fingers that technology cooperates today!

Click here to check out a drone flyover preview of the CCI3* course courtesy of Jamie Rees, and you can see photos of each fence on both courses in the Fair Hill program here (click the button on the cover to skip to the fences). Fair Hill’s going is usually sloppy from rain, but this year we’ve been blessed with dry weather and have fast ground.

Click here to catch up on all of EN’s #DuttaFHI coverage so far and here to check out our behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. Go Eventing.

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9:40: Will Coleman and Gideon are home clear and inside the time — a great performance for our first pair on course!

9:45: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Ginger Rogers also home clear with 9.2 time

9:46: Bill Hoos and Celtic Rhythm picked up a runout at 21b, Parade Rest. They completed the rest of the course.

9:50: Heidi White and Captain Fernhill are home — our third clear of the day — with 29.6 time penalties.

9:52: We will bring you time penalties as soon as we can. Our understanding is the timing clocks are being re-calibrated.

9:53: Chris Talley and OTTB superstar Unmarked Bills are home double clear in their first Fair Hill!

9:55: Lizzy Jahnke and Princeton are home double clear, our third of the day.

9:58: Molly Kinnamon and The Diesel Boy are home clear with 12.4 time.

10: Rachel Wilks fell from River King at the ditch and rail at fence 12. They are both okay.

10:03: Michael Walton and Woodstock Wallaby picked up a stop at 5b, the second of the oxer combinations.

10:08: Clear with 14 time penalties for Cary Chavis and Game On.

10:09: Michael Walton fell from Woodstock Wallaby at 17b at the Elk Chapel Crossing. They are both okay.

10:10: Our overnight leaders Emily Beshear and Silver Night Lady are clear through 17 and looking super!

10:13: Amanda Clement and Peter Pan unfortunately crossed their tracks in the Dutta Farm Yard in the main arena to pick up 20 penalties.

10:14: Elena Hengel and Say I Do picked up a runout early on course, I think at fence 7b but will verify.

10:17: Clear with two time penalties for Emily Beshear and Silver Night Lady, which opens the door for Jennie Brannigan and Stella Artois

10:18: A runout at the Elk Chapel Crossing at 17b for Elena Hengel and Say I Do. That’s their second runout on course.

10:21: Bevin Dugan and Kemmerlin picked up a drive-by at 7b, the double cabins. They are clear on second attempt.

10:24: Maya Simmons and Archie Rocks are home with our fourth double clear of the day!

10:28: A runout for Hannah Whalen and Didgeridoo at 14b at the corner in the Main Arena. They also picked up another stop at 17b.

10:28: A runout at the Springhouse Water at 22 for Bevin Dugan and Kemmerlin, and she has raised her hand to retire.

10:29: A runout at 12b for Lauren Balcomb and Guido Hatzis.

10:32: Hannah and Didgeridoo have been eliminated after a third stop on course (22b at the Spring House Water).

10:33: Lauren and Guido Hatzis picked up a second refusal on course at 17b. The Elk Chapel Crossing is proving to be very influential.

10:36: Woods Baughman and Montesquieu have been eliminated after three refusals at fence 7, the Osage Orange Combination. The skinny open corner at 7b has also been influential today.

10:38: Holly Payne Caravella and Bruisyard Hall are home clear with 5 time penalties.

10:39: A runout at 17b at the Elk Chapel Crossing for Randy Ward and Grando.

10:44: Erika Nesler and Right Above It picked up a stop at fence 17 at the Elk Chapel Crossing.

10:45: Erin Pullen and Tag picked up a runout at 7b, the influential skinny open corner at the Osage Orange Combination.

10:49: Ellie Luther and Fair Fiona had a drive by at 14b, the corner in the main arena at the Dutta Farmyard, to pick up 20.

10:52: Ellie Luther and Fair Fiona have been eliminated after two stops at the Springhouse Water at fence 22.

10:55: Jennie Brannigan and Stella Artois are home clear and inside the time to take the lead by .5! Our fifth double clear of the day!

11:02: Matt Flynn and Wizzerd are home clear with 6.8 time penalties. A sticky go at the last water but he stayed inside the flag. Well done!

11:04: Chelsea Kolman and Dauntless Courage stormed home clear and three seconds inside the time for our sixth double clear of the day. That will shoot them way up the leaderboard.

11:07: Six seconds inside the time for Dom Schramm and Bolytair B! Our seventh double clear, and that moves them up to third provisionally.

11:09: A runout at 19b for Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise. They completed the rest clear and fast, just 1.6 seconds over the time.

11:22: Two runouts at 19b for Ariel Grald and Leamore Master Plan.

11:16: A glance-off to the right of the corner at 14b in the main arena for Kaitlin Spurlock and Cartender de Nyze for 20 penalties.

11:17: Grace Fulton and Wild Orange are home clear with 12.8 time penalties in their first Fair Hill!

11:18: A runout at 7b for Rebecca Hoos and Little Cruz.

11:21: Officials are reviewing whether Dasha Ivandaeva and DB Cooper missed a flag at 7b. We will bring you an update as soon as we have it.

11:23: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monaco are home clear and six seconds inside the time! Our eighth double clear.

11:29: Dasha and DB Cooper have been assessed 20 jumping penalties at 7b. She completed with 10.4 time penalties.

11:33: Jorgen Olijslager and Northern Quest Lady picked up a refusal at 14b, the corner in the main arena.

11:35: Clear and two seconds inside the time for Will Coleman and Boris O’Hara. Our ninth double clear!

11:36: Jorgen picked up a second runout on course at 17b, the Elk Chapel Crossing.

11:40: Sally Cousins and Knight Lion are home clear with 2.8 time penalties.

11:45: Clear with 2.4 time penalties for Meghan O’Donoghue and Rich N Famous to move up to fourth!

11:48: Our final pair, Bill Hoos and Ducati, are home clear with 12.8 time.

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