Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Fair Hill CCI3* Course Preview

Alright, here we go ladies and gents! The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International cross country is a formidable, Derek di Grazia-designed beast that separates the cream from the crop each fall. It comes as no surprise, then, that this year’s course looks as beefy and challenging as ever.

Utilizing the undulating terrain that Elkton has to offer, Derek has shrewdly placed his questions throughout the course, challenging riders to make good choices while still inviting the horses to interpret the question correctly.

Thanks to this great flyover, we can now get our first look at this year’s CCI3* track. Stay tuned for a full course preview, and let’s all have a shout-out for EN blogger Holly Covey, who has helped lead the course decoration charge for several years running now. Hats off to you, Holly, and to all of the hard working people who have truly delivered their best work on this course.

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