Editor’s Choice: My Top 5 Virtual Vendor Village Deals for Tuesday

Each day we’ll be bringing you new deals from over 30 companies via EN’s inaugural Virtual Vendor Village (shop Tuesday’s deals here), and each day I’ll be sharing my top five favorite deals of the day. Here we go, for Tuesday!

(To my event pony Princess: I’m sorry in advance for roasting you. Will make it up to you in baby carrots and HandsOn Gloves.)

SmartPak: This company/equestrian shopping wonderland has been a stalwart cheerleader of Nation Media for so long, we had a feeling that they’d come up with something next-level for our Virtual Vendor Village — and they delivered! What would YOU do with a $500 gift card from SmartPak? Me, I’d “invest it” in about 20 grazing muzzles, which is about how many my Prelim event pony Princess runs through each spring. I don’t know if she is burying them in the woods or sinking them to the bottom of the pond or burning them sacrificially beneath full moons or what.

Look how hangry she is! You’re so cute when you’re mad, Princess. Photo by Mary Hollis Baird.

Anyway, choose your own adventure with regard to SmartPak Supermarket Shopping Spree fantasizing. Enter here today (or anytime between now and midnight Sunday)!

Kentucky Performance Products: Wish your horse was calmer? UM YES! ME! RIGHT HERE!!! Muzzle be darned, that sugary spring grass is going STRAIGHT to Princess’ head and I’m over here just hanging on for dear life. Trouble Free is scientifically formulated to support proper nervous system function and help your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition. It contains alpha-lactalbumin, a unique ingredient that directly supports normal nerve function, along with supplemental thiamine (B1), taurine, inositol and magnesium. You can try it with this offer for 20% off PLUS free shipping.

Nupafeed: I feel like if you’re going to fat-shame your pony, you just have to go all in. I mean, bless her — it’s not her fault she is a five-star horse trapped in the body of a chubby 14-hand pony. I don’t identify as a 5’1″, naturally prone-to-pudge person either, Princess! Metabolism can be a bummer, but after she tied up post-cross country at our first event together I went deep down the rabbit hole to figure out how to prevent that scary situation from EVER happening again. The solution, in part, came in the form of Nupafeed products. Magnesium and L-Carnitine are both major players in muscle health, and since I started bolstering Princess’ diet with them before events she hasn’t tied up at a competition since. You can get 15% off your entire Nupafeed order today with code LR2020. Also, you can chat with Allison Springer LIVE at 4 p.m. EST today via Nupafeed’s Instagram page!

Hats By Katie: The only person probably sadder than me that the Kentucky Derby got postponed this year is Katie à la Hats by Katie, a Paris, KY boutique that exhibits at Kentucky Three-Day every year. Katie is my style hero (see my interview with her from 2012 here), a driving champion and the maker of gorgeously vogue hats. So, my son Thomas was born on Kentucky cross country day last year, and for his first birthday this year we were going to have a Derby Day party, replete with fancy hats (I was going to get mine from Katie’s booth at Kentucky), mint juleps, derby pie and — wait for it — a heavily sedated Princess dressed as a racehorse giving pony rides in the backyard. Sorry again, Princess! But alas, enter coronavirus, ruining everything as always. The consolation prize is this deal for free shipping from Hats by Katie, using promo code LRK3DE. Derby 2nd birthday party in 2021 … it’s on!

HandsOn Gloves: I feel bad now for spending my other four “picks of the day” sort of picking on my pony, so I’m dedicating this last spot to a product she would truly appreciate: HandsOn Gloves. The only thing Princess loves more than a snack is a good curry — she’s nearly fallen over in the crossties leaning into my hand on several occasions. That’s a testament to HandsOn Gloves, which I first encountered (and snatched up) in the SmartPak tent at the 2018 WEG in Tryon. They are a revolutionary concept for grooming — it’s like, put yourself in your horse’s shoes: would you rather be massaged with a traditional, hard, stiff curry comb or a dexterous, nubby mitt? Mitt: 1, Curry Comb: 0. With HandsOn Gloves, I can use the tiny nubs on the fingers to gently curry out the nooks and crannies of my pony’s lower legs and use the larger dimples on the palm to massage into her haunches. Get yours for 20% off with Code KY20 today!

Go Shopping. Go Eventing!