Video of Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas Breaking Their Own World Dressage Record at Olympia Freestyle

Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas broke their own World dressage freestyle record on Wednesday by dropping a 92.3% at the Olympia’s World Cup, crushing the next closest opponent by 10%.  Of course we have the video.  Here is their 92.3% Grand Prix test from Wednesday.

Seriously, on a scale of 1-10, how ridiculously good is that?  They should make him an event horse for one 4*, just for fun: “and now starting the cross-country, your overnight leader, Moorlands Totilas, sitting on a dressage score of 3.4 …“ 

I know it doesn’t take much to get the dressage types whining, but now some of them are complaining that Moorlands Totilas is too good.  
Anky apparently sat out the competition, perhaps because she was busy being interviewed by the WEG 2010 Radio Show.  Go eventing dressage.
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