Eventing Nation TV Guide to Eventing Hall of Fame Gala

EventingUSA has put up some videos from the Eventing Hall of Fame Gala at the USEA convention.  If you have several hours to watch them all, by all means, go ahead.  But, I thought it might be nice to provide a guide of ‘must watch’ excerpts, seeing as how I sat through the entire gala live and can point out where people laughed the hardest.  Click HERE, and then use the guide below.

Video #4: Denis Glaccum, presented by Mike Plumb: (0:00 to 6:30) “Talking about things that piss me off about Denis…”-Mike Plumb delivered one of the funniest and at the same time harshest introduction speeches in history.  

Video #6: Custom Made, presented by Jacqueline Mars, accepted by David: (4:00 to end) “And I looked behind me, and here is Dorothy and Molokai…Molokai was a horse who didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he had to get there fast.”-A very nice story about Custom Made from Ms. Mars, and then an emotional speech by David.
Video #7: David O’Connor, presented by Jim Wolf: (0:00 to end)  “I’ve seen Karen play golf…she has a much better swing than Elin Woods”  Jim Wolf’s introduction and David’s speech are both worth the watch, but you absolutely have to watch the first few minutes.
All of this is about 30 minutes of video, but I also encourage you to watch Bruce Davidson’s induction because he is such an incredible figure and he will only be inducted to the Hall of Fame once.  If you are so inclined, please share your favorite moments from the videos in the comment section.  Oh, and a big EN shout-out to KB for always having my back.
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