Elisa Wallace and Rune at the AECs

Elisa Wallace rose to EN fame for her work with mustangs when she won the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition with her horse Fledge. She now has a new mustang, Rune, who she only acquired a few months ago and has made whirlwind progress with. I stopped by to visit with Elisa (and Rick – or Mick, as we decided was his new name since apparently I couldn’t speak coherently!) and Rune on Saturday and Elisa was kind enough to show off some of Rune’s new moves. Elisa hopes to event Rune at some point, and said that he seems to have plenty of scope as he has had no trouble clearing 5 foot pasture fences at home! Big thank you to Elisa and Rune for spending some time with me!

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