Emily Macauley Wins ‘Epic Save’ Award at Cobblestone Farms

Emily Macauley competed in the Open Preliminary B division with Elissa Gibbs’ Medici at Cobblestone Farms in Dexter, Mich., this past weekend, where she literally rode sideways down the bank into the water complex. Her brother, Ethan, sent in photographic evidence of the epic saved that happened next.

“She will probably kill me for sending this in, but it’s my duty as her favorite little brother,” Ethan said. “It was only their third event together, and they jumped clean in stadium the next day to finish third. Her only explanation was that going down water drops sideways from now on is her prep for American Ninja Warrior!”

Ethan wants to know: Does Emily get the Epic Save Award? What do you think, EN? Cast your vote below! And remember to send your epic save photos and videos to [email protected].

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