EN Power Ranking Round 1


Well folks, the votes are in from our panelists, and here are the names for the first round of the series. For the sake of fairness, we used the USEF High Performance List as a starting point for our list, and gave the panelists the ability to write in any names they thought should be included.  We’re not advocating or agreeing that all of the High Performance list should be included in our Ranking, and I expect that over time the EN Power Ranking will par down into only the true contenders for London 2012. 

Taking into consideration that this is a large list of names with varying ages, experience levels, and past performance results in both the horses and riders, which combinations do you consider to be the best? I’m leaving what you consider ‘the best’ to be up for interpretation, but generally I think of the best combinations as the ones to pay special attention to in the beginning of an Olympic year, as by the end they will hopefully be the ones standing on the podium.  And please feel free to use the comment box as a way of both explaining and discussing your selections! 
Let the Games Begin! 


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