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Happy Friday, EN Readers! I hope you’ve all got your lucky rabbits’ feet with you, because it’s Friday The 13th! Yes, a day made legendary by suspiciously poor choices and notoriously bad remakes of already bad movies. Best to stay on Karma’s good side and avoid all black cats, mirrors, and step ladders today. Maybe your horse will let you borrow his shoes for good luck!

It’s not all bad news, though. If ever we need a reminder of how talented eventers are at turning bad situations into great opportunities, the links below are prime examples!

The New York Times has written a piece called “A Horse Named Neville,” spotlighting Neville Bardos and his miraculous survival and recovery from the devastating barn fire at True Prospect Farm in May 2011 that claimed six other horse’s lives. The article recounts the long road Boyd Martin and Neville traveled to achieve eventing success, both before and after the fire. Despite the damage done to Neville’s lungs and body in the fire, he made an astounding recover that not only left him competition fit less than three months after the fire, but has also seen him as one of three finalists for USEF International Horse of the Year. His story proves to be an inspiration to reader both in eventing and beyond. Note: NYTimes Articles expire over a duration of time and may not be available after 1/31/2012 [NYTimes]

The dates have been set for the 2012 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day! This year’s trials, presented by Bridgestone, will be held from April 26th to 29th, 2012 and will feature selection trials to choose the U.S. Eventing Team for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Also scheduled is the second annual Ariat Kentucky Reining Cup, which will be held April 27th and 28th. [wtvq]

In sad news, Horsetalk has reported that Germany’s “Voice of the Equestrian Sport” announcer Hans-Heinrich Isenbart passed away on Christmas Day at the age of 88. Isenhart is remembered for his live commentary for the equestrian competitions at the 1956 Olympic Games in Stockholm, and for the nearly 60 years of active commentating that followed. His funeral was held on January 10th, 2012 at Niedersachsenhalle indoor arena in Verden, Germany, where he had commentated on numerous horse shows. Approximately 700 mourners attended the service. [Horsetalk]

Draper Equine Therapy, makers of innovative therapeutic horse and equine products, will be sponsoring the Drapers’ “Best Foot Forward” award each week at the 2012 Winter Equestrian Festival and at he Global Dressage Festival. Winners of this award will receive prize packages worth up to $300 dollars in Draper products, and will be individuals that exemplify and inspire a positive attitude in themselves and others around them.  [COTH]

You’ve probably already heard of this handy app, but in the event you’re not on the iPhone bandwagon Horse and Hound has reported on a new Cross Country application called “Course Walk.” This app (available in the app exchange on all iPods Touches, iPhones, and iPads) replaces the need for a traditional measuring wheel by recording your progress on a course through GPS tracking. Users can add photos of the jumps, comments, and videos along the course. The app costs about $10.00 in the Appstore and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst eventers. [Horse and Hound]

Devon D’Angelo writes about the trials and tribulations of being a single female equestrian who must balance their love for horses with their desire to find new love in another person. The dating scene is not an easy place to be even for those without a “horse addiction,” and trying to explain your full time commitment to your sport can prove… interesting.  [COTH]

The Louisiana Horse Rescue Association and the Sabine Parish Human Society recently seized 60 horses from a farm in Many, LA. The horses found on the property were reportedly in “deplorable condition,” living in filth alongside the carcasses of approximately 25 previously deceased horses and aborted foal fetuses. Over the course of three days, all the horses were removed from the farm and treated for ailments including colic, malnutrition, diarrhea, and miscarriage. The LHRA hopes to have some of the horses available for adoption in as soon as three weeks. The current daily cost for their upkeep is around $450 dollars per day. Any assistance is appreciated. [Horsetalk]

Denny Emerson  pays homage to the Quarter Horse breed on his blog, “How Good Riders Get Good.” While most people associate the Quarter Horse with western disciplines, there is no denying that this breed is a popular choice in English riding as well, thanks to what Denny calls the built-in “Sanity Button.” While the American Quarter Horse may never be known for its competitiveness in international events such as Burghley, Denny reminds us that many of the upper echelon riders today got their start on this gentle and competent breed, and it remains a favorite among riders everywhere for good reason. [How Good Riders Get Good]

In perhaps the most ridiculous and pointless visual retelling ever written, the has posted “War Horse: An Illustrated Review” to express their opinion(?) on the recent Steven Spielberg film. This review does contain spoilers, though you may not be able to suss them out through all the ridiculousness and funny illustrations. I wouldn’t use this to determine whether you’ll see the movie, but it’s definitely good for some giggles []

Eventing Safety and Risk Management gives an update on the completion of Cross Country’s frangible device industrial standard in FEI competitions. Reports are still unconfirmed, but suggest that all frangible and breakaway jumps must conform to a set of standards determined by an FEI Eventing Committee Task Force and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). Pins, clips, and Styrofoam structures will be designed to break upon impact of a horse and rider, and the competing rider will be penalized 21 penalty points for the breakage. This topic has not been fully resolved, so more information should develop over time. [Eventing Safety]

Jennie Brannigan relates her training regime for the month of January, and her positive clinic experience with show jumper Lane Clarke. She comments on the tragic loss of Lee Lee Jones’ horse, Model Cadet, at True Prospect Farm, and extends her condolences to the young rider. On a happier note, Jennie also writes about the upcoming PRO DerbyCross set to be held on January 20 in Wellington, FL. She will be sharing a team with riders Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin, Jeffrey Welles and Nic Roldan. [COTH]

Whew, that’s a lot of news! Hopefully it will keep everyone distracted and in a positive frame of mind this Friday. If not, a trip to the barn is always a cure for what ails you. For now, I leave you will the inspiring video interview the New York Times held with Boyd Martin about Neville’s “Unlikely Comeback.”

Go Eventing!


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