EN’s 2016 Video Countdown #4: Extreme Cross Country with Alycia Burton

As we near the end 2016 we're revisiting EN's most popular video posts of the year. Here's #4, originally posted on Dec. 9 and clocking in at 10,051 views!

Alycia Burton of Free Riding NZ makes me want to lose my horse’s tack and gallop off into the sunset — you know, just being one with my horse.

The 28-year-old New Zealander is a self-made internet phenom, with photos and videos of her amazing bridleless/saddleless jumping feats having been widely circulated on the web. She has a series of training DVD, available via her website, and is currently on tour in Australia.

Alycia and her most famous equine partner, a palomino paint freak of nature named GoldRush, recently made a stop at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre to pop over some big jumps sans tack — this photo slideshow is a must watch!

Watch more videos on the Free Riding YouTube channel here.