EN’s Best Halloween Costumes: Part III

Happy Halloween, EN! In honor of this most festive of days, here’s the latest batch of costume photos we received from readers. I especially love Gavin and Derby dressed as William Fox-Pitt and Seacookie TSF, who won Pau just last weekend. Great foresight, Gavin! As always, if you have a ridiculous picture of your horse in a costume, send it to [email protected].

Emily Pestl-Dimmitt: “This is me (Wonder Woman) and my Advanced horse Airlington (Superman/Clark Kent) proving his tolerance of our Halloween shenanigans and participating in our toilet paper jumping contest. Just thought it was a fun photo of him jumping a 5-foot piece of toilet paper in full costume (observe his glasses!). Below is Jeffrey, my 4-year-old cousin, aboard Airlington later on at the party.”


Mim Royston: “We did this every year at our barn. Here is CCI2* rider Marina Royston many years ago as Tinkerbell on her horse costumed as Peter Pan.”


Kelly Peine: “The White River Valley Pony Club hosted their annual Halloween Party on Oct. 18 at Dan Hobyn Stables in Greenwood, Ind. This Gavin Barnes and his horse, Derby, dressed up as William Fox-Pitt and Seacookie TSF.”


Melanie McCurdy: “Just had to share my Woody and Buzz!”

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