Equine Canada Rolling Out ‘Eventing – No Boundaries’ Talent Identification Program

Talent spotting is an important part to producing eventing’s next international competitors. In the U.S., programs such as Eventing 25/Developing Athletes and the Eventing 18/Advancing Athletes are instrumental in developing talented horses and riders for the next level of competition. Along those lines, Equine Canada has announced a new talent spotting program called Eventing – No Boundaries.

The process and details of this program are still being worked out, but talent spotters for Canada will be out and about at events around North America this year. The goal of the program is to create opportunities for developing athletes who aspire to represent Canada on the international stage in the future.

The Phoenix Equestrian Team posted an update about the Eventing – No Boundaries program on their Facebook page. The Ocala Horse Properties International HT will run this coming weekend, and it is one event where talent spotters will be on hand representing Canada.

From the Phoenix Equestrian Team:

“Part of this initiative is to offer clinics and lectures to help broaden the information available to Canadian riders. At Ocala we are privileged to have Tracy Giesler of Sable Marketing speaking regarding the self promotion of individual riders. Tracy works with the Canadian High Performance athletes and has some very basic but effective ideas on how each of us should be marketing ourselves to increase visibility and therefore our marketability for sponsorship.”

Canadian riders who are interested in participating in this initiative at Ocala are encouraged to RSVP to Jenn Holling at [email protected]

More information on the Eventing – No Boundaries program will be made available as it is released. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Equine Canada website for updates.

Go eventing.

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