ER Episode 51: USEA 2009 Convention

Eventing Nation is going to the USEA convention!  While I have technically been banned from USEA gatherings of more than 30 people after that incident at the ’03 Area 7 convention with the karaoke machine and Baby’s Got Back, I sent in my registration under the name William Fox-Pitt, so I think I should get past security.  Look forward to copious amounts of ridiculous commentary, inside information, and much more.  Check out HRN’s preview.

Episode 51 

In this special episode Jo Whitehouse, CEO of the United States Eventing Association, fills us in on the exciting plans for the USEA 2009 Convention. It is sure to be a thrilling event celebrating the USEA’s 50th Anniversary. Listen in… Eventing Radio Episode 51 – Special: USEA Annual Convention Preview:


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