Event Horse Names, Part 4: Monster Truck Edition

Many eventers have turned to the world of monster trucks for horse naming inspiration, for obvious reasons. I don’t care how big and scary that cross-country course is — if you’re riding a horse named Bulldozer, you’ve got the upper hand. (Maybe not so much in the dressage or show jumping.)

For our latest installation of the “Event Horse Names,” I combed the USEA Horse Registry Database for horses that share names with actual monster trucks:


Baller, I know. Our second grouping of USEA-registered event horse names aren’t real-life monster trucks, but they could be:


Skullbuster, Widow Maker, Assasin, Shattered Dreams … I know what you’re thinking: Man, some of these names are so perfect for MY horse, I can’t believe they’re already taken. No fear! There are still plenty of monster truck names up for grabs — check out this Wikipedia list. A few of my favorites (feel free to steal them): Grave Digger, Bucked Up, Rammunition, Smashosaurus and Dragon’s Breath.

Are you the proud owner of an event horse with a monster truck-esque name? Share it in the comments section below.

Until next time, Go Eventing!

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