Event Season is Coming … Buy All the Things!

Event season in Wisconsin is approaching quickly and suddenly I realized … I have to buy, like, ALL of the things. It’s my first season eventing so I have to get equipped from scratch. I quickly realized I have a bunch of strangers/friends who would be happy to share their product wisdom. (That’s you, reader!)

First, the important part. I picked cross country colors! Red, white and black. Not the most original, but I’m a UW-Madison alum so I decided to rep the color of my beloved Badgers.

Also, I look pretty dang good in red. Photo courtesy of Lisa Lach.

I took stock of what I have that’ll work:

  • Cross country vest. I found one on Black Friday and snapped it up.
  • White show shirts.
  • A red sun shirt.
  • Saddle/bridle.
  • Saddle pad for cross country and show jumping.
  • White breeches (thanks, Santa/Mom and Dad for the gift!)
  • Gloves, hairnets, etc.
  • Tall boots.
  • Helmet.

I have compiled a list of what I (think) I need. Have you ever tried just Googling this stuff? There are so. many. choices. And since I don’t have a bottomless pit of a wallet, I’d like to try and strike a balance between quality and value. That’s where I need your help! (Side note: Anyone know where I can find a bottomless pit wallet/endless supply of money?)

  • A show coat that’ll work for both dressage and show jumping. I’ve got long arms and long torso. And boobs. Help.
  • A stock tie and pin. (Trainer is traditional.)
  • Cross country boots. I’m leaning toward Woof Wear.
  • A watch, maybe? I’m probably running Starter Novice with all the children so do I really need this?
  • Do I provide my own pinny?
  • A medical armband. This seems straightforward.
  • A white dressage pad.

What are your favorite brands and products? I am 100% sure that I’m missing something on the list, so feel free to add to it. After all, it’s kind of like you get to go shopping for your favorite stuff … without spending any money! Win-win. (Except for my wallet, unless anyone has invented that bottomless one yet!)

Lisa Lach has been riding for nearly 20 years in a variety of disciplines. She has been competing locally in Wisconsin for the last four years while riding anything she can get her hands on. She is a marketing professional by day, and in her free time she blogs at Centered in the Saddle.