#EventerFailFriday: I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

“I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.” — Chumbawamba’s timeless classic, Tubthumping.

Let’s hear it for all of you out there in the great Eventing Nation who just won’t be kept down. Stand up, brush the dirt off your britches, pick the gravel out from your teeth, and be counted! #EventerFailFriday

If I had only one picture to sum up the relationship between Gatsby and I, this would have to be it. #overachiever #crazyhorse #canteverletmyguarddown This was our first time truly competing at max height and spread for beginner novice jumps. I used to get launchers like this pretty regularly, but he had improved and relaxed so much over the last 3-4 months, I was not entirely prepared for this one. Mind you, this jump was only 2' 7" but you would have thought he was preparing for a 4ft oxer. Needless to say, my stomach did a bit of a flip and I was glad he didn't jump me out of the tack. Swipe 👈 to see the entire photo series; our (my) facial expressions are pretty epic 🤣 #prepareforlaunch #braceforimpact #eventerproblems

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Alright guys… total #eventerfailfriday happening here. You can prepare the best you can and things still happen. Here’s Indy launching me like a lawn dart as we try to navigate a tricky combination of Trakehner three strides to a hogs back. He was going and saw the ditch at the last minute and decided he would rather get a good look first! Second attempt he gave a very respectable effort leaving me almost flying out the back door 😂. Third times a charm he jumped through beautifully. Pretty painless fall, albeit hilarious. We have some homework to do! Also gives the haters something to talk about 😂 * * * * * * #ottb #thoroughbred #eventing #equestrian #showjumping #dressage #jumpers #xcfail #failfriday #horse #horsesofinstagram #pitalley #notjustaladysman #bossmareeventing #twoheartsj @goeventing

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Go Eventing.