#EventerFailFriday: Trust Me, I’m a Professional

I’m sure I’m not the only horse show photographer who keeps a little black book of fail pics. If you spend enough time watching horses jump through the lens of a camera, you’re bound to rack ’em up. For the most part mine is a private collection; riders aren’t always stoked to have their least dignified moments immortalized on the Internet. Every now and again, though, you snap a fail that’s just too good to keep to yourself.

Like this one from last weekend’s GMHA Festival of Eventing, from Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto. You know I’m a jaded, terrible person because my first thought was, “I sure hope that iPhone was OK.”

And this one, posted by Chronicle of the Horse reporter Ann Glavan in advance of last week’s hallowed Pony Finals — not a fail necessarily, but a first-rate “oh crap” face nonetheless. The Chronicle‘s #MissedItMondays pics on Instagram are a real highlight of my week, more proof that I am a horrible person, so be sure to follow them if you are, too.

Ah, Pony Finals week. May the odds ever be in your favor, kids 😂😂😂

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Next up, you better believe that Amy Dragoo of AK Dragoo Photography has seen some things out there that cannot be unseen. Luckily she has a wicked sense of humor to match.

But no one, probably, has captured more epic fail than Nico Morgan of Nico Morgan Photography. Between hunt field derring-do and the upped-ante of UK eventing, that man could curate a museum exhibit with all his photos of misses and mishaps.

A bit of excitement for Denis Mesples during the trot up on Wednesday.

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“It wasn’t a great idea” … I’m dying. Steer clear of 5-foot tall metal gates, EN, and Go Eventing!