#EventerProblems Vol. 109: Written All Over Their Faces

Horses can’t talk and yet they manage to express themselves just fine, thankyouverymuch. Hang around them long enough and you’ll have no trouble reading them loud and clear just by looking at their face.

Can you tell what these horses are thinking?

Zoni in mid spook when I took him to my pony club lesson on Saturday first outing in awhile obviously…. #crazyeye #eventerproblems

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The shedding is now in full swing… #tiredpony #eventerproblems #haireverywhere

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Day 4 of turnout: my horse is now feral and hiding behind this post. #ottb #eventerproblems

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Hi- my name is Adora and I’m here to keep you humble. #nottheplan #eventerproblems

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When your mom decides you need to wear a helmet. #eventerproblems

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Beach hair don’t care #flyhighharvey #eventerproblems A post shared by Claire Tyner (@clairemtyner) on

#spoiledhorse #eventerproblems #ottb #love #bestdamnhorse

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Wee thoroughbred’s melodramatic reaction to my request to please stand up. #eventerproblems

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Go Eventing.