#EventerProblems Vol. 154 from Ecovet: We Like Your Style

Eventers are unique individuals. Like very special snowflakes, no two of us are the same. That’s one of the great things about the sport — there’s a “you do you” vibe about it that you’re just not going to find in, say, the hunter ring.

So go on out there and fly that freak flag. Be that full-grown adult wearing the same turquoise and purple cross country colors I retired when I graduated from middle school.

Rock tall socks over riding britches. Don’t let your cat judge you. He’s just jealous.

In this sport, even the most conservative outfit is … kind of weird. Just gotta own it.

And this goes for horses, too! You wear that Hannibal Lector face gear. Looks edgy.

Kick off your shoes, lose those bell boots, whatever, you do you.

LOL JUST KIDDING I TAKE IT BACK. Keep your footwear on, please.

Here are a few more of your #EventerProblems!

Go Eventing.