#EventerProblems Vol. 199, Presented by Haygain: Crapshoot

Photo courtesy of Martha Mitchell.

Lynnleigh Farm in Sandy, Utah has quite the sense of humor–as seen from their warning in the barn bathroom. According to Martha Mitchell,  “We would rather spend our money on horses than a new septic system.”

Said like a true eventer! Because who doesn’t enjoy pouring all your energy and financial assets into a 1,500-pound creature with a mind of its own and a clear dislike of dressage, as evidenced in this latest batch of #EventerProblems:

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Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to end my Fair Hill run at a single galloping fence early on course. Barry's jump finally got the best of me and sent me flying straight out of the tack at Fence 6 at the apparently well named "Sneaky Snake". On my way down to this fence I saw a bit of a long one and Barry saw the opposite. This led to him chipping in and then being the very careful horse that he is he put in a huge effort to clear it. He then proceeded to levitate straight up in the air and sent me flying even higher. While I was up there I went through all the ways I could try to stick this landing but unfortunately couldn't make it happen. Before I knew it I was on the ground with a deployed air vest and my horse was galloping off with his tail straight up in the air. This was a very silly thing to have happened and I am obviously disappointed but also grateful we are both just fine. We will be rerouting to Ocala and I might be investing in some sticky spray. I appreciate everyone who reached out to make sure I was ok. Also, huge thanks to my whole support crew for all of their help and always believing in me and Barry. ❤ P.S. If anyone got a picture of the unfortunate parting of ways I'd be very interested in seeing how it exactly went down for learning and entertainment purposes. #eventerproblems #bouncingbarry #eventing #eventersofinstagram

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