#EventerProblems Vol. 209, Presented by Haygain: New Year, Same Problems

Eventer Problems have been along since the start of our sport, but in 2015 our dodgy pack of chinchillas decided to chronicle them, and thus #EventerProblems was born. Five years later, and you guys are still keeping it going strong!

Here’s your latest batch. Keep ’em coming! (We know you will.)

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As I look back at the last decade…so much has changed! Here is just a tiny example: 2010 I had ONE ottb – ♦️Hummingbird's First Commander – doing 3'6 jumpers. He is now semi retired and leased by a Beginner Novice student. 💖💖💖 2019 I campaigned 4 of my other horses (at what point do you go from "trainer" to "hoarder?" 🤔) L-R 👑Trail horse reject TB Cross gelding Hummingbird's Paradox 🌵Rescue Hanoverian mare Hummingbird's Mendacium ⚓1000 craigslist OTTB Hummingbird's River 🍖Canter IL OTTB Hummingbird's THE Meatloaf #eventer #eventing #eventerproblems #horses #equestrian #horsetraining #showjumper #amynelsoneventer #hummingbirdstables #devoucoux #chibertalab @devoucouxmidwest

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No one does eventing for the dressage! It’s the hardest part but I appreciate how it really taxes the brain of both horse and rider- especially an amateur rider on a green horse.Yesterday I learned how to feel her fishtail her rear end as she wanted to move her haunches out (second video) and more importantly how to correct it (first video). It takes patience and tact – especially on the part of the trainer! And a willingness to learn on both the horse and rider’s part. And remember the horses only do this for us. Such a rewarding day and a real breakthrough moment. I also tried a micklem bridle for this session as we have struggled with bits and bridles and her head and neck were so much steadier. So yet another purchase is on its way to me! #goforbroke #beginnersmind #student #dressage #greenhorse #eventer #eventerproblems #eventinghorse #greenhorse

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