#EventerProblems Vol. 221, Presented by Haygain: April Is the New Off Season

To those of you whose barns have closed our hearts go out to you. And to those of you who are still riding, we are living vicariously through you! Here’s your latest batch of #EventerProblems:

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This week’s #failfriday is from what was undoubtedly the worst stadium round I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. All my jumps were bad, I got horrible distances (sorry Leda) and knocked a few rails before getting to this particular jump, which I understand why she may have refused besides it being ~spooky,~ since literally every approach I gave her to the previous fences did not help her get over them at all. It was… mildly painful going back to find the video for this post, because I immediately remembered how incredibly upset and embarrassed I was afterwards (I basically had a lil nervous breakdown lol, as I am one to do). Now obviously bad rides happen and you should always try and see how you can turn a negative into a positive by learning from them, but man… I am and always will be an honest person, so I gotta tell ya that I still really do hate thinking about this particular experience 🙃 that’s life tho!! . . . . . . #eventing #eventinghorse #eventingpony #ridingfail #horsefails #horsefail #hunterjumper #stadiumjumping #eventhorse #jumpinghorse #eventerproblems #equestrian

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