#EventerProblems Vol. 232, Presented by Haygain: Summer Shenanigans

We had our longest day of the year over the weekend. Since the sun doesn’t set until around 9 p.m., that means there’s even more time for some our usual horsey shenanigans. We’re sharing a few of yours with this week’s roundup of #EventerProblems:

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How To Train Your Dragon With Samantha Bogan 🐉 On days you’d like to school your baby dragon through some water, be prepared for anything. I literally mean anything. Nothing is too extreme when it comes to imagining what you should be prepared for. Once you’ve got your baby dragon by your water source, mine was a giant lake, proceed to spend an hour convincing your dragon to just put one foot in. After that hour, your dragon will walk through a bit of water, once in the water, they may panic a bit like mine did. After you’re back on dry land with your dragon, spend another 30 mins convincing the dragon to do the exact same thing he had just done. They will be using a different side of their brain, so don’t expect them to retain much & just hop on in. Suddenly they will put a foot in the water, at this point they realize they’re invincible and will take off straight into the lake with no thought of you on their back. Once they have reach the halfway point of your 15 acre lake they will look you straight in the eye and realize that they had truly fucked up. Now it’s your job to guide your 1,300lb dragon back to shore. It may be challenging as your dragon still has the aftershocks of being invincible and can go anywhere. It will take you about 10 mins of swimming about the lake next to your dragon in boots that are too big, so they’re dragging you down, to get back to shore. Once you have reached the shore proceed to vomit repeatedly because you’re exhausted. Then, walk your exhausted water logged ass over 50 acres to bring your dragon back to the barn. Hand your dragon off to you amazing interns and lay on the ground. Congratulations, you have now trained your dragon to get through water! In case anyone was wondering… yes, IPhone 11’s are waterproof. #equestrianlife #horselife #eventerproblems #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #horseofinstagram #horseoftheday #horsesofinsta #paard #paarden #hollandequestrianfarm

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Found a few goblins and ghouls in the ditches but they couldn’t reach him 😂. What a good man! Finn went cross country schooling yesterday and was a 🌟! I also may or may not have mis-judged the height on one of the jumps and sent him over a training level one 😅🙈. It was one of those as you get closer and closer on the approach, you go “oh crap” but you’re too dedicated to pull him off of it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ oh well! He jumped it beautifully anyway! 🦄 . . . . . #eventer #eventersofinstagram #eventhorse #horse #ottb #ottbsofinstagram #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #equestriansofinstagram #dressage #dressagehorse #jumper #showjumping #jumpersofinstagram #eventerproblems

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