#EventerProblems Vol. 240, Presented by Haygain: Horse Shows, as Told by A Former Cow Horse

Dane’s version of Saturday’s Beginner Novice 2 phase at Lynnleigh:-oh goody, you’re feeding me lunch early!-wait a…

Posted by Alex Sundberg on Monday, August 17, 2020

EN, meet Dane. He’s a former cow horse turned eventer. His partner in crime, Alex Sundberg, took him out for a spin at the Lynnleigh Farm Combined Test earlier this month, and Dane certainly had a lot to say of the whole ordeal! Alex recounts the experience in her hilarious retelling (in the post above).

My favorite takeaways:

“Oh Christ, I thought you said un-square halt”

“VICTORY LAP. Didn’t I just win? Oh, it’s because once I canter, I can’t stop. RHINO 🦄VICTORY LAP!!!”

“I’m just going wait here while you get situated after I very nearly dumped you. And I shall reflect that I did a nice slide stop. You said you wanted my haunches under me.”

Dane, welcome to the party! And thanks for leading off our latest batch of #EventerProblems:

Alex shows her stickability with Dane. Photo courtesy of Alex.

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Dressage shirt!!! Rep your passion😊

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What does the word ‘unite’ mean to you? 💬 The word ‘unite’ is defined as “to come or bring together for a common purpose or action”. Equestrians are a diverse group of people. Some of us shine up glossy tall boots while others kick it in dusty ropers. Some of us have a need for speed and power while others would rather master the art of grace. Some of us live for the thrill of chasing the blues while others are content with simply hanging out with their pone watching the sunset. Some of us were fortunate enough to be born into the horse world while others had to fight tooth and nail to just take lessons. . While our differences sometimes seem to divide us, we all love our equines so much that we call them our best friends. Regardless of discipline, race, orientation, social status, religion, opportunity, or ability…we are all equestrians and we all share one commonality that is stronger than any sort of divide…and that is our passion. At the end of the day this is WHAT unites us but perhaps even more important is WHY we need to be united. With all the negativity and hurt in the world today, each of us needs to continue to shine kindness and truth. We must bolster our community with a foundation of joy, respect and acceptance. Only when we open our hearts to treat those with different opinions, backgrounds and interests with respect can we truly be united. That is my why. Tell me your why. #EquestriansUnite . #HeelsDownHeartLifted 💚🧡 . 📸 @isaaclauphoto . . . . . . . #redheadscarlett #chestnutmare #chestnut #mare #ottb #horsesofinstagram #ottbsofinstagram #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #equestrian #equestrianlife #equine #dressage #eventingnation #eventerproblems #horsebackriding #instahorse #jumping #horse #horses #equestrianphotography #equestriansofinstagram #equestrianstyle #eventing #northcarolina #hillsboroughnc #ourunfilteredequestrianlifebtn

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