#EventerProblems Vol. 242, Presented by Haygain: A Smooth Sea…

Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

… Never made for a skilled sailor. Or in this case: a perfect ride never made for a skilled eventer.

This week’s #EventerProblems is inspired by Area I eventer Julie. From Julie: “This is me and my OTTB Sweetie coming out of the water at Coursebrook farm horse trials at Novice. She left out a stride and surprised me but I stuck the landing. She went on to jump the BN fence in front of her with me holding on for dear life. Photo credit Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for capturing this epic moment!  By the way I’m 57 so sticking the landing was even more important because this sack of bones doesn’t bounce like it used to!”

Well sat! Our favorite part is that her horse looks completely unbothered. She’s already locking onto the next fence.

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Happy Labor Day! It’s the unofficial end of summer and man I’m so excited for FALL! I’ve got my goals set for the new season but it’s also important to reflect on the past. This summer I’ve learned that sometimes uncomfortable change is needed for meaningful growth. I also learned how important it is for us to be our horse’s advocates. Scarlett’s behavior before her initial scope could have easily been written off by some as a training issue, behavioral issue, or just a “red mare” issue but in reality it was pain in her belly and her joints. Since we’ve gotten that fixed, she’s become a different beast. I’m still learning to relax my upper body at her canter so I can follow her movement better. My tension stems from a long history of being tossed by her bucks and switches in the back…she hasn’t done either maneuver since her ulcer and IRAP treatments so it’s weird having a horse that canters…fairly normally. 😂 We’ll keep working on it. 👍🏼 . #HeelsDownHeartLifted 💚🧡 . 📸 @isaaclauphoto . . . . . . . #redheadscarlett #chestnutmare #chestnut #mare #ottb #horsesofinstagram #ottbsofinstagram #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #equestrian #equestrianlife #equine #dressage #eventingnation #eventerproblems #horsebackriding #instahorse #jumping #horse #horses #equestrianphotography #equestriansofinstagram #equestrianstyle #eventing #northcarolina #hillsboroughnc

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