#EventerProblems Vol. 244, Presented by Haygain: $h!t Eventers Unite

One of the best parts of our sport is the camaraderie between riders. We’re all in this together, especially when things get… shitty. This next edition of #EventerProblems comes straight to you from a few of the fantastic members of the Facebook group shiteventersunite. This group is the epitome of #EventerProblems, so enjoy their highlights.

Do you have your own #EventerProblem you’d like to share? Please send it our way. During the election, Instagram has disabled the ability to scroll through recent posts, so that means we can’t see all of YOUR epic #EventerProblems. Share yours in the comments or email them to [email protected] for a chance to be featured in an upcoming edition!

Photo courtesy of Anne Slater.

“My application credentials (there are many options but this should cover it). A few years ago now but still very relevant!! I’ve had some utter disasters since but avoided the camera in most. I promise to catch a few more in 2021 for the sake of the brotherhood.” – Anne Slater.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Criddle.

“A blast from the past – When your pony is expelled from Pony Club for being too naughty… So you have to borrow a slightly less naughty pony and get put in the ‘shit children’ group 😂 I spent most of pony club being bucked off of my jumping cob and landing on my head! Feet in the air like you just don’t care!” – Lauren Criddle.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Stewart.

“When your horse chips in an extra stride at the last second and bounces you out of the saddle. He then proceeded to turn around and jump all the fences on the way home 🤣 He’s gone to 2* since this!” – Katherine Stewart.

Photo by Jj Sillman.

“I just want to jump on and say I’m so glad I found this page! Too often I found myself taking myself too seriously and forgetting to just have fun! This photo has somewhat haunted me in that this fall was a sort of the undoing of my stadium confidence. My horse had never stopped, I had never fallen from him at a jump like this and at a show no less. So thank you to all for reminding me when can fall, laugh at ourselves, and that the goal is to have FUN! These photos are in fact funny to see now. I’m grateful we were both ok and went on to jump big things anyway. And I’m grateful to find a group where it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but we laugh and ride on.” – Bobbi Lynn Westbrook.

Photo courtesy of Elicia Race.

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