#EventerProblems Vol. 277: Meet U.S. Eventing’s TikTok Superstar

With over 29,000 followers, eventer Amanda lo Cousins of ACE Equestrian in Hume, Virginia is nailing it with her TikTok account (@pewpewsnponies). By turns hilarious and inspiring, we’ve loved following her adventures with Duncan, her 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding (Bellamy Road x Dontstealmythunder). After a very nearly spotless cross country record together (what a cross country machine!)…

@pewpewsnponies what a horse #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

… Amanda broke and I mean REALLY broke) her arm when her horse had a bobble (but she didn’t fall off!) in the two-star at Great Meadow in August, and very sensibly retired on course. We wish Amanda a speedy recovery and thank her for keeping all our spirits high.

@pewpewsnponies Can’t even #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ original sound – Marcial

@pewpewsnponies It’s kind of like that 😂 big week #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

@pewpewsnponies haha true to life right now!! #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ Cry or boss up how about both – Annie

@pewpewsnponies It’s where I’m at #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ Cry myself to sleep every night – Juju🦋

@pewpewsnponies Can I get an amen? 😂 #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ I will grow under any conditions – Singing to your subconscious

@pewpewsnponies Truth #equestrian #horsesoftiktok ♬ original sound – toxic king

@pewpewsnponies To celebrate officially entering my first 2* today! #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ original sound – Jade Wallenburg 🇦🇺

@pewpewsnponies Me pulling 8 strides out from a big table 😂 #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ original sound – mark🥷🏾

@pewpewsnponies How I get changed for XC #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ misery 4 u – Nick

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