Eventers Join Forces to Aid Hurricane Harvey Relief

Recently I wrote about how eventers can give back to the world outside of our own equestrian family. In the days since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas eventers have wasted not time in showing their generosity and determination. In the wake of an astonishing 39 inches of rainfall, southeast Texas has experienced monumental flooding and enormous devastation. With people, horses and other animals reeling from the effects of the first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall on U.S. soil in 13 years, many eventers are stepping up to help the relief efforts in a variety of ways.

While this week has been a busy time for eventers, between Burghley and the American Eventing Championships, hearts are heavy with the plight of Texas residents and many people are looking for ways to lend a hand to those in need.

Kyle Carter hosted a number of course walks at the AECs to benefit the American Red Cross. In addition, Courtney Cooper led an Advanced course walk on Thursday for the same cause. There are few things more enlightening than walking a course with an experienced and knowledgeable competitor, so this was a wonderful opportunity to not only give back but also gain some insight. As professionals who are likely competing several horses in addition to coaching students, Courtney and Kyle are nothing short of inspiring for finding a way to help Texas in the midst of what is surely a busy weekend for them.

Attention all AEC competitors: A donation bucket has been placed in the show office! Additionally, we’ll be posting any…

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Walking around the course at the AECs makes you realize how fortunate we all are.

I have been watching the news out of…

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If that wasn’t enough, Kyle and his wife Jennifer Carter have organized the group Horses for Harvey and are spearheading a massive fundraising effort to aid Hurricane Harvey victims. If you are an eventer looking for a way to help those affected by the disaster, this is certainly the place to start. Scrolling through the page it is impossible not to feel a deep sense of pride at the heart and generosity of our eventing community.

Jane Sleeper offered her coaching services at the AECs with all proceeds to benefit the Red Cross. Dozens of riders in every part of the country have already volunteered to host a full day of lessons (the dates of which are yet to be decided) at their respective home facilities with 100% of the proceeds going to those affected by the hurricane. These lesson days, organized by Horses for Harvey, have been donated by the likes of Lainey Ashker, Hawley Bennett, Jon Holling, Sharon White, Tik Maynard and Sinead Halpin, the Carters and Matt Brown.


Exciting news! Several riders have offered up an entire day of lessons at their home facility, with all proceeds…

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The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has worked with equestrians from several disciplines to organize donations of feed, shavings and other supplies to be shipped down to Texas.

Words cannot describe the incredible generosity of the equine community as we kicked off the Hurricane Harvey supply…

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With the vast number of people rushing to help, needs are quickly being met in and around Houston. In a Facebook video on Thursday, the indomitable Valerie Ashker, who spent the majority of last year riding quite literally across the country in her “2nd Makes Through Starting Gates” venture to highlight the heart and versatility of the OTTB, speaks about her desire to lend a hand to the people and horses displaced by Harvey. “They’re getting a lot of help right now,” she says, “They’re inundated … it’s a bit chaotic at the moment.” Valerie goes on to explain that she intends to go down to the Houston area in a number of weeks when supplies may need to be replenished and her help will be of the most value.


Harvey Help

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Eventers have done a great deal already to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and there are many more amazing plans in the making. The eventing community has come out in full force to help in the wake of a devastating natural disaster. If you are interested in helping, the Horses for Harvey page has lots of information and the AAEP is also taking tremendous action. If you don’t have supplies to donate, the donated lessons sound like a wonderful opportunity. Also, as this recent EN post pointed out, donating blood is a quick, free, easy and almost painless way that nearly anyone can help no matter how far you may be from Texas.