#EventerSolutions: Do Whatcha Gotta Do

Where there are #EventerProblems there are #EventerSolutions, as we horsefolks tend to be a pretty crafty, resourceful and frugal (read: broke) bunch.

In this spinoff series we spotlight some of your most inventive problem-solving masterpieces and determined DIY efforts. Be sure to tag your photos with the hashtag #EventerSolutions on social for inclusion in future editions!

Oh, look the hotel has a built in boot drying rack! 😂 #eventerproblems #majykequipe

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Putting my 4 year degree to use… 💻photoshopped the colors on my soon to be new saddle. It’s in the making and I just couldn’t wait to see it! 💙🔶🏇🏽 You also know you have your priorities straight when you put things back at the grocery store because of their price or duct tape your jeans together…but find a way to pay a pretty penny for a new saddle 🙈 ‼️So worth it though‼️ (Not because of the colors) ⏯I’ve struggled for years with saddle fit for me. Always felt I was fighting my position.. I found out during crossfit, that my femur is long for me height. I casually was talking to Andrea at Stubben and she had me briefly ride in one. Then let my jump in the Zaria Optimum at our local show.. 🎵”Now I’m a Believer”🎶 I know saddle fit is important for the horse, Rugby isn’t typical event horse being a square little Morgan with no wither & large shoulder) My saddle’s seem to fit ok, but this truly made a difference for my horse and myself! I’d hoped it would make a difference in my leg that I was always seeming to a fight. It did that and even more! Rugby was jumping even better and I was able to ride at my best and not struggle with my leg. I had no idea how much it has affected me until I actually rode in the Stubben saddle. Can’t wait for what this season brings and tackling the Training XC course with the super pony💙🔶 #forthepony #eventerproblems #lifedecions #stübben #photoshop #priorities #morganhorse #eventersolutions #zariaoptimum

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No 4 wheeler, no tractor, no problem. #eventerproblems #eventersolutions #toofaraway

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Towel rack, or splint boot drying rack? #whynotboth #eventerproblems #eventersolutions

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Twine is like the barn version of duct tape!

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Who needs a cold hose? #eventerproblems #eventerproblemsolving

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There is a reason we have to wear double bell boots 🙈

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Oh noooooo!! #guessitstimefornewgloves #eventerproblems #horsepeopleproblems

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On these occasions I am glad I hoard winter clothing and horse coolers in my car #eventerproblems

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Go Eventing.