#EventerSolutions: Getting by with What You’ve Got

Where there are #EventerProblems there are #EventerSolutions, as we horsefolks tend to be a pretty crafty, resourceful and frugal (read: broke) bunch. In this spinoff series we spotlight some of your most inventive problem-solving masterpieces. Be sure to tag your photos with the hashtag #EventerSolutions on social for inclusion in future editions!

When buying new everyday riding boots means sacrificing your next entry fee…. Good enough. #soghetto #eventerproblems

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So far my day has consisted of fixing stalls and pulling shoes… Fix it Sam over here. #eventerproblems #bosslady

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When your boyfriend hurts his wrist…and all you have is horse supplies. #eventerproblems

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When you accidentally leave your boot pulls at home and all your friends have zip ups… #eventerproblems

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Dual fitness work–road walk in hand. #eventerproblems #eventersolutions #hot

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Sadly, for some things there simply is not solution:

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Go Eventing.