Eventing Nation Blogger Contest: It’s over!


John is proud to make the announcement


I know, it’s only been about 3,495 days since we started this contest.  John got a little caught up with those “special” events, like Fair Hill, and that little show down in Mexico.  But, we finally have an end result for our first ever EN Blogger Contest.  Drumroll please…


(Ripping open the envelope)


(Turning it right-side up)




Lacy Cotton is a 27-year-old Prelim level Eventer who has been involved in equestrian sports her entire life (and yet still manages to remain completely horse crazy!). She competes in Area Five with her off-track Thoroughbred gelding named Prophet, and considers eventing to be her second home, a place of sincere friendships and of hard-won accomplishments.


Leslie Wylie was a newspaper editor until she quit her respectable, well-paying job to become an impoverished horse professional. She’s been eventing for 20 years and is currently pursuing her lifelong dream of interviewing Boyd Martin in his underpants.



Wait, there are two winners?  We couldn’t break the tie using optimum time or collective marks, and we just couldn’t decide between the two of them– it was like choosing between chocolate cake, or chocolate ice cream, so we decided “Hey, why not both?!”  We are proud to announce that both Lacy and Leslie will be joining our stable of bloggers, and will be subject to hazing loved and appreciated for their talent.  But first, they must clean out the chinchilla cages, shovel snow out of John’s driveway, and prepare hot beverages for the rest of us.


We would like to thank all of our blogger participants, it was great fun reading all the submissions.  We encourage everyone to keep writing, and feel free to email us your stories– we are happy to publish them on the site when we can!  Look for Lacy and Leslie on the site starting today and please critique their grammar make them feel welcome.



Also, stay tuned today as we bring you another fantastic Contest Announcement.  Dubarry was only the beginning…

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