Events this Weekend

The road to the World Equestrian Games really gets underway this weekend.
5/6 A-Listed horses are competing over the next couple of days, with Neville and Twizzel in the Pine Top OI, Woodburn and Tru Luck in the Pine Top advanced, and Leyland in the Twin Rivers advanced.  
7/14 B-Listed horses are entered this weekend, meaning that 60% of the A&B lists are competing.  Seriously, have a glance at the Pine Top entries, that event is absolutely stacked.
–Delivering a strong XC round will set the table for great Spring, but a shaky start to the season will raise a lot of questions with the selectors and will really crank up the pressure for the next events, which will only get harder.
Canada has multiple team hopefuls including Diana Burnett on Wild T’Mater, Steph Rhodes-Bosch on Port Authority, and Rebecca Howard on Roquefort entered in the Pine Top advanced.
–Many other big name non-listed horses begin their Spring campaign this weekend, including Northern Spy, Courageous Comet, Nicki Henley, Tipperary Liadnhnan, The Foreman, Fleeceworks Mystere Du Val, UN, and Buckingham Place.
–Eventing Nation guest writer Holly Hudspeth is sitting out this weekend after losing a fight with a ladder.  Holly should be back in action next week, and Boyd gets the ride on Last Monarch this weekend and he will surely give Stewie a great trip.  
Pine Top (GA): Homepage, Times/Scores, Weather
Twin Rivers (CA): Homepage, Times/Scores, Weather

Texas Rose (TX): Homepage, Live Scores, Weather

As I write this, we have 72 responses to our EN Census!  Thank you to everyone who has responded.  I know everyone hears ‘thank you‘ a lot these days, such as ‘thank you for tuning in to tonight’s show,’ or ‘thank you for buying our cheeseburgers that will end your life in 30 years,‘ but please know that we mean thank you in a very genuine sense, as in ‘thank you because reading about people who enjoy the site makes everything worth it.’  The suggestions are wonderful feedback, and trust me, we are paying attention.  For example, after I finish this post I will work on the archive categories to try to make them easier to use.  Go eventing.
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