Friday Notes and News

For some reason, the great response we got to the EN Census reminds me of my favorite Eventing Nation related comment ever, which was posted on a COTH thread.  LisaB said something to the effect of “I have known John for years now, but I never knew he had a sense of humor.
…which reminds me of the great Men In Black quote “No ma’m, we at the FBI do not have a sense of humor we’re aware of
…which reminds me of pretty much every first date I have ever been on
…which reminds me that I want to see The Crazies
…which reminds me to get to the news and notes.

Bruce Davidson and Laine Ashker post new blog entries.  When I get the time (ha), I need to write a post about the explosion of new blogs/websites in eventing over the past year.  The explosion is incredibly exciting and a perfect compliment for our aggregation format here at EN.

Good News Friday: Amigo, an endurance horse who was impaled by a tree, is scheduled to go home.  *Graphic picture warning*

The USDA canceled its national animal identification system because of angry horse people.

Galway Downs, along with everything else on the planet, is like the movie Avatar because its in 3-D.  Joking aside, that press release is actually interesting, making it one of the better pre-event press releases I have ever seen.
Megan Lewis is riding from China to London.

Check out photos of Hawley Bennett carrying the Olympic torch.

When city officials don’t agree, events get canceled.

Horseless horse show is a ‘huge success.’  Which is surprising, because when you take horses away from a horse show, all you have is 300 crazy people standing around in a muddy field, one super-stressed event organizer driving a golf cart in circles, and 100 dogs that should be on leashes.  Go EvEnTiNg with horses.
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