Events this Weekend Recap

Rocking Horse: Scores, Finally a great weekend of weather all around for eventing in the South.  In fact, I got a text complaining about the heat today at Rocking Horse.  Rocking Horse had 21 divisions of riders, with Lynne Partridge and El Cid winning intermediate rider, Will Faudree and Pawlow winning OI-A, Buck and All the Aces winning OI-B, and Hannah Burnett and St. Barths finishing 4th in that division.

Paradise Farm HT: Scores, Paradise lived up to its name today with sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s (Fahrenheit).  In the JYOP, Arden Wildasin and Tally Awesme Bosco won on their dressage score of 34.6.  PD won the OP-A on Havannah’s Orphan Annie, Will Coleman won OP-B on Ringwood Mircrest, and Joelle Bankerville took home gold on Malibu in the PR.  Hopefully we will see more of Phillip and Will at the Aiken training sessions this week.

Early season events are a great opportunity for ULERs (upper-level event riders) to dial in their eye, work out the winter cobwebs, and ride horses that they really don’t want to but can’t think of good excuses not to.  It happens every Spring.  A ULER is asked to fix a novice level horse who ‘doesn’t understand water’ or ‘really likes her stall.’  [Insert spoiled horse name] spooks out of the start, jumps 1 sideways, runs through the half halts hand-breaks at 2, chips in horribly at 3, and by 4 the ULER is thinking never again.  For about two months each spring, we get to watch nappy and unruly horses make USET riders look just like the rest of us.  Since I just nearly broke my computer while yelling at the USA/Canada hockey game, I’d better stop typing.  Go eventing.
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