Monday News and Notes

Jersey Fresh has joined the PRO tour Event Series.  The only PRO event I remember from 2009 was the highly entertaining puissance at Plantation Field, but PRO wants to be much more than that.  Jersey is the 4th tour event for 2010 so far, but look for more events to be added and a lot bigger push from PRO in terms of event entertainment and publicity this year, which is fantastic for eventing.  2010 is a big year from PRO.  What is PRO and what do they want to be?  From a publicity standpoint, unless %90 of US eventers can answer that 8 months from now, PRO will not have done its job.  

Horse agility: “like dog agility, but with bigger obstacles.”  That sounds pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, in reality, the obstacles are smaller than dog agility.
I love the idea of serious prize money at competitions specifically for ex-racehorses.
The FEI looks for a method to enforce its new Rollkur regulations.  Also, some purely fictional vitriol against the FEI from TC.
WM: A reminder, in this time of controversies, that horse sports are the greatest sports on Earth.

Jennie from Paradise

“Toddy” intends on running the NY Marathon in under three hours.

More wild horse roundups planned, this time in Wyoming.  Nevada protests.
Branding, too cruel for horses, but perfectly fine for Texas college students.
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Top 3 reasons not to get too excited about the Hockey USA’s victory of Canada:
(1) I’m a firm believer in acting like you’ve been there.
(2) All it really means is that the US has to win one less game (3) than Canada to win it all.
(3) This was just the preliminaries, hopefully the US and Canada can meet again soon.

When the announcer said “oh no, slightly off on the twizzle section there!” I realized that ice dancing is my least favorite Olympic sport.  

Quote and Person of the Day goes to Canadian skier Chris Del Bosco, who gave up a sure Bronze for a chance at Gold.  Del Bosco told NBC “I had bronze sewed up but I didn’t want bronze.”  Go eventing.
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