Fab Freebie: CLM DWN Transdermal Recovery Gel

Image courtesy of CLM DWN.

Our horses are athletes, and we ask so much of them in both training and competition. CLM DWN Transdermal Recovery Gel helps our hardworking partners achieve optimal recovery of both body and mind. We’re giving away a bottle of the gel as this week’s Fab Freebie — here’s some info on this fantastic product!

CLM DWN Transdermal Recovery Gel targets areas of concern and penetrates to relax and recover muscles faster, reduce pain and inflammation, boost the immune system, enhance mood, and ultimately, improve sports performance with less risk of injury. Meanwhile, CLM DWN’s equine specific essential oil blend utilizes the olfactory system to calm the mind. It’s the only supplement that utilizes a transdermal delivery system of Magnesium, MSM, and B vitamins. Oral supplements have an absorption rate of only 4-34% while CLM DWN’s proprietary topical blend has an 88.8% absorption rate.

Benefits include:

  • Encourages muscles to relax and recover faster by increasing cellular metabolism
  • Supports connective tissue, tendon, ligament, joint mobility and elasticity
  • Promotes blood flow to assist in the healing process and reduce pain
  • Maximizes the benefits of exercise through inflammation relief and muscle recovery
  • 100% natural, drug-free, and chemical-free
  • FEI clean

You can massage it into affected areas pre-ride to reduce risk of injury or strain, or apply post-ride for muscle and trauma recovery. It’s safe to apply under wraps, blankets and tack, and you can even use it on yourself! Add it to a hot bath and soak for 20+ minutes after a long day at the barn.

Ready to win? Take a quick trip to CLM DWN’s Facebook page via the Rafflecopter widget below, then click “I visited!” The winner will be announced next week’s Monday Video from CLM DWN on Jan. 13.

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