Fab Freebie: Share your Equestrian Wardrobe Malfunction to Win an Unbelts Twin Pack!

Photos courtesy of Unbelts.

The last thing anybody needs while riding is a wardrobe malfunction. Or even a wardrobe inconvenience — and our friends at Unbelts agree. That’s why they’re revolutionizing the belt market with pants keeper-uppers that are as comfy as they are smart (think: machine washable, airport security friendly, ethically made and made to last).

Here’s what the good folks at Unbelts have to say about why their product is a super fit, literally, for equestrians:

Keepin’ it snug.
“Hiking up loose pants is drag; hiking up stretchy breeches while riding a moving, 1000-pound animal seems REAL ill-advised. Your pants need to be snug. And guess what? We kiiiiind of keep pants up as, like, it’s our full-time jobs.”

Flexibility is everything.
“We saw the red marks riders get in their hips and tummies from stiff, bulky belts that don’t move with your body: not cool, people. To that we say NO MORE. Unbelts are made from stretchy, flexible elastic that hugs every shape.”

A sleek look.
“Riding is a good-lookin’ sport, but most belt buckles add bulk where you really want to be smooth like buttah. Enter Unbelts’ 1/8-inch buckle, perfectly invisible under show jackets (and approved by English equestrian officials across all disciplines).”

Real talk — breeches get dirty.
“We know what’s involved in grooming and riding. We suspected a belt that was machine-washable in the belt loops could be pretty darn handy, and our riders enthusiastically agreed. (There might have been cheering.)”

Plus, they’re available in a gazillion colors — perfect for our matchy-matchy eventer needs. For a deeper dive into the Unbelt in action, check out EN’s product review, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Unbelts.”

Exciting news! For this week’s Fab Freebie, we’ve teamed up with Unbelts to give away two two-packs of Unbelts! The winner will receive a Hybrid Two Pack (1 Intrepid + 1 Classic belt, retail value: $99 USD), and the runner-up will receive a Classic Two Pack (2 Classic belts, retail value: $75 USD).

L: Unbelts Hybrid Twin-Pack, R: Unbelts Classic Twin-Pack. Photos courtesy of Unbelts.

All you have to do is share your best equestrian wardrobe malfunction, in words or a picture or both! Post it to the Facebook comments of this post or email it straight to us at [email protected].

Best breeches snafu? Lemme get the ball rolling on this one: I was at Carolina International doing my first Intermediate in a hot minute and feeling more than a little nervous. In a fit of panic before cross country, I bought some sticky spray at the tack trailer and thoroughly drenched my saddle with it, which proved to be a lethal combination with my trusty Kerrits Sit Tight breeches. I knew I was in trouble went I went to post the trot in warmup and every time my bum came up, my breeches stayed glued to the seat of the saddle. Honestly, I couldn’t have fallen off my horse if I tried — of if I did, I would have had to fall out of my breeches as well. It wasn’t long before the seat of my pants ripped wide open (see also: this UK Olympic bobsled outfit malfunction), and I only lasted a third of the way into the course before calling it a day. To all the jump judges, my sincere apologies.

What’s YOUR best equestrian wardrobe malfunction? We’ll announce the lucky winner and runner-up, to be decided by chinchilla committee, next Tuesday, Sept. 16! Many thanks to Unbelts for sponsoring this edition of “Fab Freebie” — learn more and shop at the Unbelts website here.

Go Eventing.